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When sharing decks your username is displayed below the deck name. Usernames are not unique, you can use the same name as someone else.

TTS Export Options

Both high and low quality assets are created when you export your deck. By default all players will download the low quality assets. You can use the button below to opt into downloading high quality assets. You will get high quality assets for all decks generated on frogtown, not just your own.

You will have to clear your TableTopSimluator deck cache when changing this setting, delete all of the files in My Games\Tabletop Simulator\Mods\Images.

Using xxxx Quality

Preferred TTS Back

Unlike most sites, Frogtown does not use a username/password system for accounts. Instead, you are automatically provided a private ID used for authentication when you visit the site. This private key is what allows you to edit and create decks.

When you connect from another device, or even another browser, you will have a new account created. If you want to synchronize decks across multiple devices use the button below to find your private ID, and on your second device use the same button to change your ID.

If you clear your cookies you will lose access to your account. If you want you can click the button below to find your private ID and save it somewhere so you can restore it. If you choose not to it isn't a big deal, you can find your old decks and clone them to the new account from the deck actions button.

Private ID

Browser Warning

IE and Edge have very poor performance with drag and drop interfaces, as well as very slow response times when apps make frequent server requests. These are two features Frogtown uses extensively, it is recommended you use a different browser when editing decks.

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Version Warning

Frogtown makes heavy use of the relatively new browser feature called "grid display" so it may not render properly on your browser. Please update your browser to use Frogtown as intended.

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