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Privacy Policy

Last updated January 3rd, 2020

Frogtown takes privacy very seriously by only logging information required to operate the site. We aren't trying to make money off of anybody, we don't serve ads, and we don't sell data.

What data is collected?

Private ID

Instead of authenticating users with usernames, frogtown authenticates users with a randomly assigned ID. Your ID is stored in your browser as a cookie so we can maintain your deck list across sessions. See the settings page for more info.

IP Address

When you enable the "High Quality Assets" feature on the settings page we store your IP address so that we can serve the right assets to you when you load cards in tabletop simulator.

If you never enable the feature we never log your IP address, if you disable the feature we remove your IP address.

Google Analytics

We use google analytics to know how many people are using the site and how they got here. Learn about the data Google Analytics collects and consumes here. "Ad Personalization" is disabled for Frogtown, we don't serve ads or contribute to advertising profiles.


Every site on the planet uses cookies. The cookie feature has been baked into the HTTP protocol and web browsers for millenia. Laws requiring posted warning about cookies are stupid.

Frogtown uses cookies for the reasons above, you can turn them off but your decks will not persist between visits to the site.

Got questions?

Reach out on discord and we can talk about it.

Browser Warning

IE and Edge have very poor performance with drag and drop interfaces, as well as very slow response times when apps make frequent server requests. These are two features Frogtown uses extensively, it is recommended you use a different browser when editing decks.

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Version Warning

Frogtown makes heavy use of the relatively new browser feature called "grid display" so it may not render properly on your browser. Please update your browser to use Frogtown as intended.

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