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Q: All my decks disappeared, where did they go?
A: If you cleared your cookies you will lose your account. If you saved your private ID you can restore it, but if not don't worry, you can clone all of your old decks to your new account. Go to the Me page for more info.

Q: When will the cards from the new set be added?
A: New cards won't be added until they are available on, the official MTG database. If the new cards are there and still aren't visible then that means I just haven't updated the site yet, shoot me an email and I'll get to it ASAP.

Q: What is this site, and where did the Tabletop Simulator site go?
A: The old site is gone in favor of this one. Under the actions button on the deck builder page you can click "Bulk Import" to import cards like the old site, and under the same button you can choose Export > Tabletop Simulator.

Q: What is Tabletop Simulator and how do I use my exported decks?
A: Tabletop Simulator is a game you can find on steam. It doesn't provide any rules enforcement, but it is a great way to play magic. Save your generated decks to Documents\My Games\Tabletop Simulator\Saves\Saved Objects. In game you can click Objects at the top of the screen, choose Saved Objects, and then click your deck.

Q: I have a Mac, why does the site look so wierd?
A: Because I don't have a Mac and can't test it properly :(. Shoot me an email so I know about it and maybe fix it.